I have been a licensed hairdresser since 1996, wielding my first pair of shears on my brave father at the age of 7 in my mother’s beauty shop that I could NEVER get enough of! Today I remain just as excited about my craft as I was over 3 decades ago. I believe in the importance of continuing education and elevating my team along with fostering the development of our next generation of hairdressers thru our unique apprentice program. This belief is fueled by the amazing opportunity my own mother offered me as my mentor.


I am a dry hair cutter and custom colour specialist creating thru hand painting, along with many other techniques, living for natural palettes that exaggerate dimension. I am a true headjunki and cannot imagine my life without hair!

I have an amazing husband and business partner (that can handle my kind of crazy), 2 children that light up my world, 2 dogs, one cat and an amazing team of 12 Bellas that I live this craft with. Balance is my mission as a career mom, the gym and Jesus are my therapists. We spend time together away during the summer in Italy with family, on a sunny beach playing volleyball and trying to stay upright in the waves during spring break or just in the backyard at a bon fire on the weekends! It is my goal to leave more here in this world than I take away from it.

Don’t panic if you come in after your last visit and everything looks different... you are in the right place, welcome to my playground!