Quality hair extensions with the highest quality human hair available in today’s market. I have been working with extensions since 2006, when I became certified at the International Beauty Show in New York. I love the fact that we can have the length or fullness that we want and we can have it right now or we can have those vivid and pastel bits of variation that last much longer than traditional colour!
I use a fused keratin bond system that does not cause any damage to your natural hair. The extensions can be used for fullness, color variation and of course added length as well.

step 1

Are hair extensions right for you?  Extensions are only a good option for some guests, your natural hair must be healthy at the root area and at least to the chin area in length.

step 2

Message me 607.346.0093 or call the salon 607.937.5862 to set up a consultation, the cost for a consultation is $50, if you decide to proceed with extensions, the $50 will come off your final bill.  At the consultation we will discuss a proper schedule to maintain your extensions, get a match on 3 to 4 colours to compliment your natural palette and set up a time to complete your extensions.

step 3

Spend a couple hours with me and my fantastic bella family getting the hair you have been dreaming about!


  • single strands for variation $14 per piece, generally 20 pieces work well for accent colour

  • no additional length- fullness only $600-$900

  • additional length and fullness $900-$2100

Generally speaking, Your extensions can stay in your hair up to 6 months if they are well taken care of.  The regular routine with my clients is continuous wear... After the initial installation we will work together every 8 weeks for maintenance, those appointments are priced hourly at $160 per hour.  The average maintenance appointment lasts 30 minutes ($80) and by the second maintenance appointment we replace 10-20 strands at $14 per strand.

Though the extensions can be treated with hair colour I always strongly advise against this as it will drastically shorten the lifespan of your extensions.  We can still colour your natural hair and place variation as well by simply avoiding the extensions and keratin bonds.  For this reason it is very important to plan on sticking with your current colour palette for a bit after installation and planning your extensions around those colour plans.